Loyalty Injection to Big Pharma

Trust the science?
Coercion is not science.
Withholding data is not science.
Manipulating data is not science.
Cherrypicking studies is not science.
Social conditioning is not science.
Fear-mongering is not science.
Pharma propaganda is not science.

One of the concerns I had with mandatory vaccinations is that it squashes dissent. If people recognize it as coercion (which it is), everything is … well, fine-ish. But if they see it as something to protect others even though they do not really want to get vaccinated, speaking out against it it might cause cognitive dissonance. After all, if you did do it «freely» and have no other justification why you did it, it has to be good, doesn’t it?

Even if vaccinations are «only» required for those working with «vulnerable» people, this mandate can have devastating consequences. Currently, in Germany, vaccinations against Covid are mandatory if you are working in the health sector. And yeah, no matter that the so-called vaccinations do not prevent infection or transmission. (I am doubtful that the state gets its money back, I would not be surprised if there are some politicians who would have to pay money back as well.). And yeah, there are exemptions, the health sector faces a manpower shortage after all. But still, fines are being collected and people leave or lose their jobs.

But as bad as that is, that’s not the worst of it. People already working in the sector might find ways to survive in their profession, after all, they have valuable skills. But the barriers to those wanting to go into that profession are unlikely to be relaxed. At least I would be surprised if there are exemptions in studying medicine. For example, students of medicine (and related disciplines) who work in a university clinic (I know of) have to be vaccinated against Covid. At the moment two times, three times the coming fall. Studying medicine also has a high numerus clausus (restricted admission, you need a certain grade point average to study medicine). So there likely are lots of students who already are or are willing to get vaccinated to get a place.

And now consider what this means.

You have a selection criteria that filters incoming students of medicine by their adherence to a questionable vaccination. I essence, it’s a loyalty oath to Big Pharma. And the selection bias will likely mean less criticism in the future. After all, if you did get vaccinated to study medicine, how bad can it be. (Looking at the rare cases of major side effects, very.)

I see this development as a long-term problem for medicine. And no, that is not a conspiracy theory. But it is one of the long-term side effects that happen. Medicine will move closer to Big Pharma. Or rather, even closer. Dissenting voices will have it harder and harder, if they exist at all.

That is, unless we see these mandatory vaccinations as what they are. Not something to protect the vulnerable, but as a coercive measure. And refuse to comply with that coercion. For example, by looking for a place in which you can study without giving up autonomy over your body.


P. S.: That refusal to comply would also help with the next likely step. It is very likely that the (German) government will try (again) to make the vaccinations mandatory for everyone (after all, the health professionals did it, and if they did it, it can’t be bad, can it?). Well, unless we freeze to death the coming winter.

It continues to be interesting.