Reading on Twitter (without an Account)

«His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity.»
Performance Evaluation

Yup, Twitter is a cesspool. I stopped actively using it a while ago. But Twitter still has some interesting people on it. Accounts with good cartoons, memes, nice photos, … the works.

Unfortunately, a while ago, Twitter decided to force people to register. You can see a number of tweets on a user profile, but then it stops and asks you to log in. Given that I dislike dummy profiles, I looked for another way to access these tweets.

A colleague pointed me to nitter (e.g.,, which accesses the Twitter API and shows you the tweets. Without forcing you to login.

Nice. (More information: )

Where it gets really cool is when you use another instance ( ). The default one seems to be in the EU, it follows the same censorious regulations. You can’t access specific accounts from Germany. However, other instances (e.g., hosted in the US) do not have this problem.

So, if you use, for example, you get this view:

(Everything censored in a country that has «There is no censorship.» in the constitution.)

If you use an US American one, like you get:

(Still the land of the free.)

I only noticed it when the instance forwarded me to, which was probably used to much to access further tweets on twitter. I had a look at the list of instances and wrote a JavaScript Bookmarklet to exchange with another instance (save it as a bookmark, in the url field of the book, and with a press it exchanges with; note: I’m a Sorcerer, not a Wizard. I can’t tell you why it works, or when it breaks, but I can tell you that it works for me. As usual, no warranty.):
javascript:window.location=window.location.href.replace("", "");
and then noticed the US American ones. Saves the use of Tor and the crossing of fingers that you end up outside of the EU.

Funny how things turn out. 😉