Nearly Forty years and Two in One Image

«Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.»
Dr. Emmet Brown in «Back To The Future»

Just imagine Marty McFly from 1985 would have visited today’s 2022 — how would you expect this view to him?

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There is a lot in this meme, but I guess most would focus on the mask, worn outside. But there is also the smartphone. A phone you can carry with you? Beyond a few prototypes, that wasn’t available in 1985. And with a digital camera? How would that work? And it also works as a small computer, much more powerful than anything available in 1985? How? And what about the underlying infrastructure to distribute a photo from your smartphone? The Internet, or rather ARPANET, available for the public, on a phone? Impossible. And the software? Social media, which is used daily by a lot of people, to share their private lives? On which a picture of an ice cream cone is actually viewed? Inconceivable!

Compare’d to Back to the Future’s future (well, would still be in our past), it turned out quite different (where is my Hoverboard?). But damn, we have changed a lot in the last (almost) forty years. The last two shouldn’t define us.

And as for technology, well there is this beautiful quote:

Q. If you could talk to someone who had only every lived in the last century. What would you tell them was the most inexplicable thing about modern-day human behavior?
A. There is a device small enough to fit in your pocket yet powerful enough to access to an unimaginably vast font of knowledge. Through this device every literary classic ever written and every profound word of wisdom passed down through the millennia can be read.
This device, however, is primarily used to look at pictures of funny cats and to instigate arguments with complete strangers.

Yeah. And yeah, I’m getting old. I start to seeing myself in that meme …

Source: Unknown