Lyrics and MP3 Sing-Along Keynote Book

«Music and cats are the two refuges from the miseries of life.»
Albert Schweitzer

Music is great for stress relief, for emotional regulation. Personally, I have no talent for making it (tried out playing an instrument, did not work out), but I like to sing along.

While many music apps allow you to include the song lyrics, I think there’s something to be said for having a personal best-of collection of songs with lyrics. A simple way is to use Keynote.

Just create a page for each song and then add the mp3 files (or any other music file Keynote can play) to the slide. I’ve added a table of contents (that part sucked, have to do it manually, enter the song names on one page and create links to the respective sides). You end up with a Keynote presentation which you can open on your smartphone or tablet, use the table of contents to jump to the song you want to listen to and sing with, and then press again on the page to start the music file (if it is set on the default start audio on click).

Keynote file on an iPad. The table of contents is on slide 3, the rest are lyrics pages with mp3s.
Sample page in Keynote (on a MacBook). The audio file is on the page and plays on click. The link icon relates to the title of the page. A click on it brings you back to the table of contents (set the hyperlink to the respective slide in the master slide view). The links remain stable even if you move pages around.

Sure, there are easier options, the pages are a bit bare at the moment, and the file size gets rather large (all those .mp3s).

But it’s still a nice «I need a time-out» option to have available.