Natural(ized) Interactions

Ridcully: «Beats me how you fellows remember how to do all this stuff.»
Ponder: «Oh, it’s largely intuitive, Archchancellor. Obviously you have to spend a lot of time learning it first, though.»
«Hogfather» by Terry Pratchett

A while ago, I wrote about a screen fetish in interaction, but I wonder, when it comes to AR, how can you make the interaction more natural?

For example, in a student thesis, a student wanted to provide comments and explanations to virtual (augmented reality) trees via a standard forum.

That’s fine. That works. That’s expected.

But why not take a page from computer games? Make the interaction more natural? For example, having the virtual trees look akin to «wish trees». Heck, even any tree with some card upon it would work.

Or why not use some carving in the stem (like the usual «x loves y» messages. Just carve a digital “I heart you”.

Or how about a sign above the tree? Or using the bark — like reading the message when you peel it off.

It doesn’t matter how, but there are countless ways to provide information — in a natural way — instead of going for an obvious forum.

And the same applies to any other context. You can provide information «naturally», no matter the sittuation.

Just a thought.