Japanese vs Western Comic Books

«I can’t protect you without holding a sword.
I can’t embrace you while holding a sword.»

I’ve recently read a few more or less current comics … a few prototypical Western ones like Harley Quinn DC comics, and a few very much Japanese ones like «Bleach» or «Demon Slayer».

One of the major differences?

While some Western comics operate along the lines of «some people are privileged and they should apologize for their strengths (or be ashamed for them)», because let’s be honest, if you are so-called «privileged», it means you do some things very very well … the prevailing theme in Japanese comics seems to be «so, you have skills, so use them to make the world a better place».

And this does not mean to make it a better place for the so-called disadvantaged people, but for everyone. No matter their background (skin color, sex, age, etc.).

Note: If you are not used to mangas, you read it from right to left.

Images from «Demon Slayer» by Koyoharu Gotouge

And heck yeah, that’s the better perspective.