Frust Free Packaging

He thought of the power he wielded in the face of the pogrom — the old men who sent their sons to him to be trained in the weirding way of battle, the old men who listened to him now in council and followed his plans, the men who returned to pay him that highest Fremen compliment: «Your plan worked, Muad’Dib.»
«Dune» by Frank Herbert

Damn, a welcome intermezzo. I recently got a product that was just … totally unproblematic to unpack. It shouldn’t even be a problem, and it wasn’t. It was just … easy.

Nice easy to peel red arrow — and yeah, I already started to open the package, when I noticed just how easy it was and got my smartphone camera.
Yeah, opening something you bought and was delivered by mail should not be harder to open than this. And yup, first world problem, sue me.

Kudos to whoever designed that packaging. 🙂

And yeah, most of the hard-to-unpack-goods are hard-to-unpack to prevent them from being stolen by employees [update: or what would be customers if they paid for it], but damn, for goods that are bought online, not in a store, that really is a nice idea. And perhaps it makes sense to differentiate between «store packaging» vs. «mail packaging» (while still keeping the package itself hard to unpack, after all, some postal workers are worse than magpies).