Costly Signals

«I am proud of what I am. I believe in what I do. Can you say that?»
Star Trek Quotations

One part of the “Female Cowards” posting that went with me was … there is something to be said for “costly signals”. You know, it’s easy to claim you are courageous if you just proclaim you would do something. But actually doing something, even knowing that you will face repercussions for it — whether that’s a fist in the face or a bureaucratic paper knife in the back — that’s something can trust.

If — and only if — the person knows what’s coming. Knowing there will be repercussions, but not knowing which position will win out, but trusting that you know what is right and what is wrong — that’s a signal you can trust.

Just saying*.


* As someone who trusted his own view on things, even when all people in power screamed something else — without tangible evidence, BTW. And by silencing dissenting voices. Or just ignoring the issue altogether. Which is when you know your position does have merit.