Removing auditory distractions

At the age of fifteen, he had already learned silence.
From «A Child’s History of Muad’Dib» by the Princess Irulan
«Dune» by Frank Herbert

While they cannot block all sound, earplugs sure take the edge of most of the noise — be it at home, or at places where immense focus is necessary (and no risk of being in danger due to missing audio warnings). I found that for me, cutting the tips off makes them more comfortable to wear and costs only a little sound isolation. However, you must not push them too far in, otherwise you’ll have trouble removing them (esp. if you have just cut your fingernails).

Earplugs with removed tips. The cut-off tips on the left side were later discarded.

And yeah, while music, esp. classical music or epic music (YouTube is a great source) is also helpful, at times, the silence is just … much, much more helpful.