Recommendation: Frank Sinatra

«I’m for whatever get’s you through the night … whether it be the bible, a good woman or a bottle of Jack Daniels.»
Frank Sinatra

Recently things got a bit … unpleasant. Not only because waiting in the cold in front of a building … some time before 7 a.m. … to do a test, then walking around the campus for 15+ minutes just to show the result to be allowed to do one’s work (which I love) is a bit degrading and stupid (testing without symptoms, that is). But hey, interesting times, I guess.

This being said, I tired out listening to Frank Sinatra when walking around to keep warm. And hey, that man can sing. I guess he was also the inspiration for Vic Fontaine in Star Trek DS9 (the songs by James Darren aren’t bad either.).

And yeah, “My Way” is a classic of Sinatra, but other songs are great as well. It’s a completely different time — and I think it’s very helpful to see these other times today.

They were, they can be again. Not as they were, but adapted and perhaps even better.

Highly recommended.

(And yeah, YouTube has a few nice collections.)