«We can’t bombard people with more fear. People are frightened, they’re terrorized. We have to find a product that is attractive to people.»
«I don’t like to talk about democracy as a product, excuse me.»
«No, fine, let’s call it a ‹concept›, whatever you want, but We have to do something that is pleasant, but that … That means that, I mean … That’s happy, like …»

Watching the 2012 movie «No» about the 1988 Chilean plebiscite, I wonder whether a similar strategy might be needed today. The last two years were years dominated by fear — fear of an increasingly irrelevant virus, with increasingly harsh measures (including talk about mandatory vaccinations).

Perhaps a campaign saying «No» to these measures is in order. And here the movie does have some interesting points. Mostly that the theme should be upbeat — positive, happy.

Because there already is enough fear — and it’s hard to reason people out of their fear. But a positive, upbeat message — that might work.

And yeah, I still think that masks are the best canvas you can use. Ideally suited to place messages.

It just has to be the right one, something better than an ‹X› …

Just a thought.

Oh, and this looks like one of the spots they used (sure, it was another time, but just think of the 2022 version):