The end of the continuum

‘-Potential for Learning! The Arts! History! I thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen! Ladies and Gentlemen, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!’
There was another hopeful break for applause.
Someone at the front of the crowd said, ‘That’s right. We ain’t.’
«Moving Pictures» by Terry Pratchett

One thing I find rather strange when it comes to reactions to violence in computer games, or to jokes, or to porn, or to other emotionally ‘triggering’ topics … do people really have an idea just how broad the continuum is?

There are people who think it’s “problematic” if people are killed in a video game. As if that would translate into real-world violence. Have these people ever seen, e.g., the video of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists killing a defenseless policeman on the ground? Shooting him point blank in the head?

I’m not going into other examples here, but I wonder whether some people live so protected that they react to negative stimuli like a person raised in a sterile environment to a single pollutant.

Just a thought.