Apollo 13 (movie)

«Let’s work the problem, people. Let’s not make things worse by guessin’»
Gene Kranz in Apollo 13

Okay, it’s a fictionalized story, but still … beautiful storytelling about dealing with a crisis. About how to focus on what’s important to bring those brave souls back to Earth.

And yeah, … let’s expand this point a little (update) there is much to learn here. Akin with the current ideological debate about dealing with the Covid19 pandemic and claims that female leaders dealt better with it. Hey, if female leaders really did deal with the pandemic better, why not find out what they did (or better: those who did deal well with it), and thereby allow others — men and women — to use these strategies as well (if they actually did better, which I don’t take on faith). Because just because on person did better, doesn’t mean all people — male or female — in that category do better.

But I digress. Damn, associations are skewed today.

But yeah, there’s a lot to love here — how to focus on what’s important, to focus on the hard data, the facts, because you can’t argue with nature, esp. when if anything goes wrong the astronauts will suffocate in space, or freeze to death. Or the great quote by Gene Kranz «I don’t care about what something was designed to do, I care about what it can do.»

So yeah, a really great movie.

Well worth watching — to learn how to deal with «the worst disaster NASA [or your organization] ever experienced» … or rather … how to deal with your «finest hour».

And how to come up with ingenious solutions. 🙂

BTW, YouTube got a few of the key scenes, but do yourself a favor, watch the whole movie.