Fuck that advertisement in YouTube Videos

It is difficult to produce a television documentary that is both incisive and probing when every twelve minutes one is interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper.
R. Serling

A while ago, I was criticizing people who interrupted their podcasts for advertisements. Even more so, if they were weaving in those advertisements as actual messages (see, e.g., BASED Professor CANCELED By WOKE Students? | Ep 268). It’s just … wrong. It’s using your … people-power, your audience-power, to promote a product that usually has nothing to do with your general stance on issues. And yeah, I think this is something that is … almost … designed to undermine your — valid — position. Even — especially — if you do it in the beginning like in this vidcast)

And yeah, if you do have enough money, that’s a way to buy off — or at least undermine — any criticism.

And I think it has gotten worse.

Look. I don’t mind advertisement, especially when I can just skip forward. But presenting advertisement as part of your show — that’s the fastest way to move yourself to irrelevance. Because the thing you have to go for yourself is integrity. And if you start to present advertisements for … inconsequential … products this way, you … lower yourself. And it’s not the kind you can understand, like a person who just wants to have a temporary time-out from his or her high-powered job, but … well … you appear as someone’s bitch. In the worst way of that interpretation. As someone who promotes something you are not really … behind.

And yeah, money is nice, money is some kind of support. But seriously, your integrity should be worth more.

Just saying … and just skipping ahead, and just reducing your channel in my estimation which will lead me to drop you soon.

You are better than the people who want to use you for advertisement.