Storing an Apple Pencil

“It’s nothing he just forgot the pointy thing.”
Kate in “Kate and Leopold”

One of the great things for the Apple iPad in the Pencil. It’s a far cry from the “pointy thing” Kate mentioned in that … rather nice movie. It’s a very cool interaction device, really … really cool. But it’s a pain in the ass to store.

With the Leather Cover:

I just put the pencil inside first — worked out well, I mean, you can’t lose it. But then again, I am not using the Leather Cover at the moment. I use the (former) water-proof, now only somewhat water resistant cover. And for this cover, velcro is just … great. 🙂

Seriously. I bought velcro for sewing which I glued onto the leather sheath for the pencil. It holds … very well. Unfortunately, the other side of the velcro (soft, because I actually hold the cover in my hand) did not stick to the case. So I got some velcro with some kind of tape on it. And it worked out well.

Now, when I need to, I can just use the velcro to stick my Apple Pencil to the case. If I don’t need it, I just leave it off. And I can still hold my iPad 5 mini in one hand and the pencil in the other.

Yeah. That worked out really well.