Operationalizing Ethics

«A bite on the hand is certainly worth saving a boy’s life, wouldn’t you say?»
«I suppose it depends on whose hand … just joking, Doctor.»
Bashir and Garak in Star Trek DS9: «Cardassians»

I recently had a look at “Stellaris”. It reminds me of “Alpha Centauri”, or what would have happened after the end of that game. In a way, you could play “Civilization” (planet bound civilization), then switch to “Alpha Centauri” (settling on another planet), and then go to “Stellaris” (exploring the universe).

But one thing I found interesting are the ethics options in “Stellaris”. (Mind you, I haven’t started playing it yet, it’s just an impression … walking by.)

Ethics options in “Stellaris”

We are often confined by the options we have available, but looking at the options in this game … yeah. There are some things we should probably agree upon.

Very interesting.