What’s going on with Corona?

«According to our current information, the destruction of the Amargosa star has had the following effects in this sector. …Gamma emissions have increased by point zero five percent. The Starship Bozeman was forced to make a course correction. …Ambient magnetic fields…»
«Wait. The Bozeman. …Why would it make a course correction?»
«The destruction of the Amargosa star has altered the gravitational forces throughout this sector. As a result any ship passing through this region would have to make a minor course correction.»
«A minor course correction? …Where’s the ribbon now?»
Data and Picard in «Star Trek Generations»

I’ve written about the current pandemic before, and of the envisioned future scenarios, the one with the government getting drunk on power seems to play out. And I’m getting more and more skeptical of the approach we are taking. From essentially quarantining the healthy and the sick alike (okay, more restrictions for the sick), to (now) requiring a mask when entering a store.

As mask that can be a simple piece of cloth. How was it — trying to stop a mosquito with a volleyball net?

I get the need for flattening the curve, but the virus does not seem as deadly as it originally appeared. Also, there are — long-term — consequences to asking people to stay home. From limiting human contact. Personally, I’m fine without it as long as it’s my own decision, but I severely dislike being forced to be without human contact. Autonomy is a thing. And the way out basic liberties are treated. The more this drags on, the more I come to the conclusion that most politicians think the population cannot be trusted, that they have to protect people from themselves. That they have to play the role of a parent to children who don’t know what they are doing. Full-blown paternalism.

In reality, the reverse is true. Politicians are our servants. We elected them to solve problems, to keep the country running. Not to get drunk on power and play god.

And yeah, it’s hard to see while in the situation, but I get the itching feeling that something else is at play here. That this whole event is getting used. Not only to see how far you can control the population, but also to set the stage for more restrictions and surveillance. The ideas about having a digital vaccination pass are scary as hell. And sure, they likely won’t make it mandatory — you just won’t be able to do some things as easily or at all. It will be a nuisance if you do not comply, and then it will be (almost) impossible not to.

Politics seems to have shifted from trusting the population to trying to control them. To make sure they come to the ‘right’ decisions. A democracy in name only.

And yeah, nobody wants overwhelmed ICUs and people dying as the result of triages. But we do have an immune system. And part of the reason we are still alive — even with countless viruses and bacteria ‘trying’ to kill us — is that our immune system has to work to become effective. And yeah, some people will die. Whether of Corona or — more likely — other diseases that have already weakened the body, but some will die. But people will also die when everyone is asked to stay at home, and when they are asked to wear masks.

And at the very least, which way to go should be a choice.