Recommendation (as a time sink): The Outer Worlds

«They don’t have movies where you come from, do they?»
«We had something similar a few hundred years ago, but they lost their appeal when people discovered their real lives were more interesting.»
«Still, it’s nice to take a break from your life now and then, don’t you think?»
Crewman Cutler and Dr. Phlox in «Enterprise»

If you know computer games, the easiest way to describe “The Outer Worlds” is 90% “Fallout 4” (the good bits), and 10% “Mass Effect”. Sure, it is more “Fallout 4” than “Mass Effect”, and it does not reach the heights of “Mass Effect 2” — if “Mass Effect 2” is a 10, then “The Outer Worlds” is a solid 8. Besides the overall look and feel, what differentiates it from “Mass Effect 2” is the irony of the world. In “Mass Effect 2” you were fighting for the survival of the Galaxy (as we know it). In “The Outer Worlds” it’s much like a “Fallout” “Vault Tech” run world — you are kinda living in a joke world. And I like the vicarious meaning of “Mass Effect 2” much, much better than the irony of “Fallout” or “The Outer Worlds”.

But still, it’s … interesting. Not sure how far I’m in, and currently ridiculously overpowered, but it’s a nice distraction from the world. And overall well done.

(Some bugs remain, like trying to interact and accidentally drawing your weapon. Luckily, running around with a Plasma Carbine seems normal in the world. But still.)