Beautiful graphic novel by Scott McCloud: «The Sculptor»

«Everybody get forgotten, David. It’s like dying, it just takes longer. Maybe a lot longer if you’re lucky, but it will happen. Y’gotta accept it. Embrace it even.»
«Take some control. Make it your own.»
«I can’t control what they remember.»
«No … but you can choose something they won’t.»
Meg and David in «The Sculptor» by Scott McCloud

Yesterday I wanted to find something to read that didn’t put up a struggle, but was still moving. So I went for graphic novels. Looking at a few recommendations (“best graphic novels”) I ended up buying a few, incl. Scott McCloud’s «The Sculptor». Well, the review was right about the tears.

It’s a beautifully written story. While using a lot of clichés (being unrecognized, not wanting to be forgotten, deal with death, mental illnesses, etc.), it also uses them in a fitting way. And let’s face it, they are clichés for a reason.

But yeah, it’s beautifully and intelligently drawn:

One of the best visualizations of time running out I’ve seen so far. From «The Sculptor» by Scott McCloud.

and has a lot of humanity:

Yeah, there are a few laughs, and smiles, and a lot of humanity. Lovable characters. From «The Sculptor» by Scott McCloud.

Highly recommended, esp. if you want to experience both sadness and peace at the same time.

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