Comic Recommendation: Hack/Slash

“I’ve never been much of a bookworm. But it turns out it’s a fantastic way to not be alone with your own thoughts.”

I did recommend comics before, and spending about a week at home (needed time to decompress, semester was stressful — but good), I had time to try out a few again. Most were pretty forgettable (heroines without flaws — e.g., Vampirella, Purgatori — are just … boring), but one stuck: Hack/Slash. An interesting comic series about two people hunting slashers (monsters that come back from the grave, think Chucky, Jason, etc.).

The style varies (I went through six omnibus collections and a few stand-alone prints) but is mostly well drawn. Even better, the protagonists actually have flaws, things don’t always end up well for them (or the people in their lives) and its about more than mindless action.

Looking on the bright side …
He’s got a point.
“Perfect timing” 😉
And yeah, there isn’t always a happy ending (1).
And yeah, there isn’t always a happy ending (2).
And despite the topic/action, there are a few nice moments.

Highly recommended.