Fasting to Feasting

Worf: «The food is not to be eaten.»
Alexander: «Then what is it for?»
Worf: «It is here to tempt us into breaking our fast.»
Sisko: «Fast?»
Worf: «There are six trials we must face on the path to Kal’Hyah. This is the first, deprivation. We now begin a fast that will continue until the day of the wedding.»
Bashier: «That’s four days away.»
Martok: «It is a short time, I know, but we must make the best of it.»
Star Trek DS9: You Are Cordially Invited

Starting the new year, I tried out fasting. Someone I trust(ed?) mentioned the health benefits of fasting for 72 hours (only 3 days).

So, I tried out not eating for 72 hours and only drinking tea. Well, it wasn’t exactly fun, but it was doable and an interesting experience. And it was hard, although the hunger turned into a distant pang during the second day.

Well, I hope my body liked that break — can’t say I see any health benefits (yet?).

And breaking the fast — had a little feast.

Of course, it was much, much too much food. But it did taste really well. 🙂

I’ll have to digest that experience, but it might be something to do every quarter year. If only to have a break from the routine and be open to new experiences.


P.S., a countdown timer was really useful — after all, you see that the time does pass and it is only a matter of time until you can eat again. The iOS clock countdown can’t go beyond 24 hours, but there are apps for that. T-Zero worked very well for me. Gruesome icon, but it did its work. The rest was riding the hunger waves and not struggling against it for the first day.