Recommendation: «The Fountainhead» by Ayn Rand

«Most people have read The Hobbit, picked up Lord of the Rings and have gone ‘Ugggh … if I have to read one more three-page description of a tree …’»

My second day of rest provided me both with the time and focus to finish «The Fountainhead» by Ayn Rand. It was a bit like with «Lord of the Rings» — tough at times, but totally worth it. Albeit for completely different reasons.

It’s strange that a book published in 1943 is still relevant today, but strangely enough, it is. The same forces are at odds today as the ones described in the book. At times, I was remembered of Twitter, of grant proposals, or of the latest outrage.

Hmm, I thought to add a few quotations of the book here, but … I think it would be a disservice to the book. It’s more fun to read it yourself.

And like written, it took me a long time to read, but it got me to think and laugh, and sometimes at the same time. Normally I would pick up the next book of an author whose work I liked immediately afterwards, but I do need some time to digest the book. Another strength of the book.

So, yeah, a very interesting and highly recommended book.

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  1. Haven’t read the Fountainhead yet. But I have enormously enjoyed Atlas Shrugged by the same author. Long, very long, but makes you think and grow. What else should we ask from books?

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