Recommendation: Political correctness: A force for good? A Munk Debate

They don’t know what they’re doing, the fools. The street is not a test. The street is a lottery.
Ender’s Shadow

Freedom is the air creatives need to breath, and if it isn’t there, some will bring their own oxygen tanks, but many will suffocate (and I include myself in the later group). So freedom of expression is dear to my heart. I recently watched a brilliant debate on the subject (okay, I’m biased, the side against political correctness more or less crushed their opposition, but that’s not the only reason I liked the debate). And yeah, it’s not only a problem in the US, it spreads. Unfortunately.

Watching the debate, I especially liked Stephen Fry. My god this man destroys his opponents. Not with malice, but with intellect and reason. Damn it, that man has dignity (many good points, but especially the closing statement, at around 1:40:28). And yeah, Jordan Peterson had his mic drop moment in his closing statement as well. Well done.

The side arguing for political correctness — jokes, half baked stuff, and a lot of prejudice. It’s strange how the so-called proponents of political correctness view life through a collectivist lens, via race and sex (and sexual identity), in short, as actual racists and sexists (seriously, “a mean mad white man”? I agree with Jordan Peterson, “that’s a hell of a thing to say in a debate”). And by the way, when did slavery end in the US? A few months or years ago? Dang, I’m glad I’m not black or I’d be pissed as hell. Childish way to argue, racist way to argue, and piss poor for actually improving the situation.

BTW, great moderator — reminds me a bit of Josh Lyman in “The West Wing” — but very well done.

Highly recommended.