Really Bad Food

«Is the chemical aftertaste the reason why people eat hot dogs? Or is it some kind of bonus?»
Death in «Death — The High Cost of Living»

Recently I encountered two cases of really bad food. Just look at the pictures below:

I won’t show the packaging, but sufficient to say, the food looks way worse in reality than on the package, and it tasted even worse. I don’t mind the artificial stuff in the ingredients, I don’t mind the idea of prepackaged stuff, even if I do mind the plastic. But I really wonder whether there isn’t a niche for food that is:

  • healthy,
  • nutritious,
  • attractive, and
  • tasty.

In short, everything these two products were not. Especially the «mini pizza» could work very well as mobile food. If done well. And there are nice recipes for high-energy bread (just search for Lembas bread recipes).

Time to experiment a little. And get my stomach pumped.