Beautiful Reminder of what Star Trek was all about

“Legends … are the spice of the universe, Mr. Data, because they have a way of sometimes coming true.”
Captain Picard in Star Trek TNG: “Haven”

I stumbled upon this beautiful video by Plumbline Pictures showing the humanism Star Trek was all about:

Unfortunately, I doubt you find much of it left (and yeah, sometimes it was a bit too optimistic, but that’s the point). Considering how “Star Trek Beyond” looks and the attempts to shut down fan films — yep, Star Trek has become mainstream and lost its soul.

But the memory still remains, and Star Trek’s soul might one day be rekindled.


  1. Yup, the person who did this video did a beautiful job. Shame the ones deciding over the future of Star Trek don’t seem to recognize its potential. Getting lots of people into the cinema to earn lots and lots of money is one thing, actually contributing to society in a beneficial manner — adding some meaning — well, that’s priceless. Especially if the movies would still finance themselves. There are enough people who look for pleasant intellectual surprises in movies — and get disappointed again and again. So there’s a market here.

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