Smart Tools (Hair clips)

Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.
Ani Difranco

All to often I see people limiting themselves by going through this world without the proper tools. Personally, I have a Swiss pocket knife on my belt (and some other tools), and I would not want to miss them. They are just so damn useful. No matter how they look.

But I get that style might be an issue.

I see it a bit from the sidelines when I take a look at my niece — who is 7 and was socialized to go for being nice and princess like. How that is suppose to work past 35 is beyond me, but also not my problem. Still, I think that even little children can benefit from having the right tools. And personally, one of the best ideas so far I have seen are these hair clips by Animi Causa:



Not sure how well they work in everyday life, but I ordered a couple of them and they seem really useful. Just look at the tools contained in them:

Image from Animi Causa.

And they make me think.

Why should style and function be incompatible? Why shouldn’t utilities contain more than what they are ostensibly good for? Why not provide basic tools that can give you options to act in different everyday settings?

I sense a vast market and huge potentials here …


  1. Looks useful, but we guys are going to look a bit silly wearing a hair clip and, if they have as little hair left as I do, many don’t even have a place to clip it.

    That said, it’s good to see a useful have-with-your tool for women on the market. Most are so chunky, women aren’t going to wear them, much less put one in what passes for pockets in women’s clothing.

  2. Uhm, yes, I wasn’t thinking about wearing it myself, but I think it makes a nice gift — perhaps even for my niece. For a man, it would not work … well, unless you either want to fix a large piece of cloth around your waist, or if you’re Jewish and want to prevent losing your kippah. The first one might happen, the last one isn’t for me either. 😉

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