Like a Medicine Ball to the Chest

He’d been a bit ashamed of that play at the time. The famous Battle of Morpork, he strongly suspected, had consisted of about two thousand men lost in a swamp on a cold, wet day, hacking one another into oblivion with rusty swords. What would the last King of Ankh have said to a pack of ragged men who knew they were outnumbered, outflanked and outgeneralled? Something with bite, something with edge, something like a drink of brandy to a dying man; no logic, no explanation, just words that would reach right down through a tired man’s brain and pull him to his feet by his testicles.
“Wyrd Sisters” by Terry Pratchett

A while ago I stumbled upon this powerful video:

It has been aptly described as a “medicine ball to the chest” (if I remember correctly, in one of these podcasts).

And while I also think that this video was very well done (would have preferred sources for the stats, though), I also wonder about the practical effects. I mean, personally, I was left, yeah, with a hurt feeling right below my solar plexus. But I can’t help but wonder whether there is something missing here. A clear call to action at the end of the video. Giving the recipient a way to deal with these emotions effectively.

The emotions this spot raised — at least for me — were more paralyzing than activating. And the link to the website was rather easy to overlook.

I don’t know, perhaps providing a link to a website where you can contact a politician or get additional information or something of the sort would have been helpful. But that’s easy to say as an outsider (alien even).

It’s still an impressive video, and an issue many countries are prone to overlook.