Finished Changing the Layout (for now)

[Data, an android, is feeling anxiety as they approach the Borg.]
Picard: “I suggest you deactivate your emotion chip for now.”
Data [click]: “Done.”
Picard: “Data, there are times when I envy you.”
“Star Trek: First Contact”

mondrian placeholder
Placeholder where I did not have the time/energy/motivation to add an image or turn the images in the posting into preview images (yet).

So, that was the layout change. Switching to another layout took longer than anticipated. I wanted to have something to scroll through easily, but I did not like the preview text of the article as (nearly) all my articles start with a quotation. While it refers to the content, it does not tell you that much.

I used custom fields to write synopses. 710 of them. I also used a custom field for the preview image, as the featured image took to long to set up (I rather copy & paste a link than browse through a media library). Worked well, but I focused on synapses first, so about 140-150 of the images are set. The rest are the same placeholder (left). Will add a few more, likely. Also needed to edit the theme, e.g., where it gets the information for the synopses, some layout issues, etc. I hope I did not break it. But it’s great what you can do with WordPress — don’t understand the structure, but I see a few things that work together and it’s fun to play with, to customize.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

I like the new layout, but time will tell how it fares. If you like to leave a comment, please do. Not only would I like to have feedback, I’d also like to know whether the comment function works. I’ve deactivated the website field (I hope) to use it to catch span (computers can and usually do enter information there).

Anyway, not for something different … perhaps some sleep or the like.


P.S.: The standing desk works well, but I am used to standing. Still, with the right music it’s nice to be able to move the whole body while writing.