Okay, size does matter — kinda.

“Thank you for your recent E-mail. I appreciate your concern. However, I am, at this time, completely satisfied with the size of my penis.”
New Yorker Cartoon

Since 2003, when I switched to a 12″ PowerBook, I usually worked with notebooks with small screens. Later MacBooks and MacBook Pro’s had perhaps an inch or two more, but their screens were still small. But after a while, the small screen did not bother me. It does have advantages to see the whole screen easily. Not to mention the portability.

At work, I used an external screen (about 17″) for a while, but then I stopped using it. Switching back and forth between the 17″ (with the extended 12″ or 13″ screen of the notebook below) and using only the 12″/13″ (outside of the workplace) became just too distracting.

However, given that I want to do something for me neck while working on the computer, I recently ordered an external screen. Looking for something affordable yet large and in sufficient quality, I ended up following the herd on Amazon and bought a 27″ screen. I am still waiting on the delivery of the components for a standing desk, but trying out the screen itself … waow.

Yup, size does matter.

MacBook Pro (lower right corner) vs. external 27″ screen. Still have to calibrate the colors, but still, impressive. Photo shows my parents. And yup, I edit photos in the dark.

Looking at photos on the 27″ screen is … breathtaking. Not to mention being able to sift through a lot of images/files in DEVONthink. Currently I’m using it in an Apache-Setup:

Apache Setup. Monitor is not mirrored but continues above the notebook monitor. (And yup, I did not want to stand up to switch on the light. You see why I plan to use a standing desk? ;-))

Once the standing desk is finished, I’ll likely use only the external screen with an external keyboard and the notebook closed (and out of sight).

Going to be fun to use. 🙂


  1. “only the external screen with an external keyboard and the notebook closed (and out of sight)” — this is exactly my set-up, except for that I am using a 21.5″ screen. Mine is a sitting work station and having a giant screen on my desk makes me feel being engulfed by the screen… 🙂

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