Marketplaces of Ideas

“But in reality we [feminists] are actually your [mens] best friends.”
“I guess they can be BFF [best friends forever] in the same way that Seaworld and Dolphins are.”
Victor Zen

Like written elsewhere, I think we live in the golden age of creativity. If you have something to say, to convey, if you want to change minds, you have every opportunity.

Start a blog, write a book, put a video online — it’s all possible.

The technology is ubiquitously available. At least for those being able to read this posting.

One nice example are “discussions” happening on YouTube. Personally, I think this video here by Victor Zen is one of the better examples.

Someone (the woman in the video) posted her views on the net, and someone else replies to it (Victor Zen, the man in the video).

Of course, the reply is not aimed to convince the woman — that would be rather unlikely given her public commitment … and humiliation. But I think it is an effective way to convince the viewer to think more … critical about the issue at hand.

Not sure yet whether this kind of “discussion” actually has a chance to change minds on a scope to change policy. But it sure as hell is an interesting way to convey ideas.

So, do you have anything that is worth to convince the world of its merit? That can withstand critical discussion from people around the world? If you can deal with the feedback and if you trigger their interest, you can’t hope for a better audience.

Have fun. 🙂