Academic Twitter Recommendations

‘As a wizard, I must tell you that words have power.’
‘As a politician, I must tell you I already know.
“Unseen Academicals” by Terry Pratchett

If you are using Twitter and are an Academic, I highly recommend following these Twitter Accounts:

  • Citizen Academic
    A twitter account focusing on the positive aspects of Academia.
  • Shit Academics Say
    The more ironic and funny side of Academia. This person does in one or two sentences what PhD Comics does with figures.
  • lol my thesis
    Yup, it’s possible to sum of 3-6 years of work and up to a couple of hundred pages in one sentence.
  • PhD Forum
    On a more serious note, a Twitter account for mutual support and tips.
  • Explorations of Style and pat thomson
    Two very skilled authors/teachers who write (and tweet) about academic writing.

Of course, there are other interesting Twitter Accounts for Academics to follow. If you have a recommendation, write a comment (click on the header of this posting to have the comment field displayed).