A chair for working comfortably

To sit alone in the lamplight with a book spread out before you, and hold intimate converse with men of unseen generations – such is a pleasure beyond compare.
Kenko Yoshida

One of the nice things of having (most) of your information digitally, is that you can sit down almost anywhere with your notebook and have all information available. But it still matter a great deal where you sit down. For example, the chair at my desk is nice for gaming and tasks that require high precision and a lot of mouse movements (e.g., layout), but not so well suited for writing.

After looking around for a while, I ordered a chair normally used for gaming and the like (Music Rocker basic Soundsessel) — and it turned out to be a good decision. My current setup looks (more or less) like this:

reading chair


  • a: Music Rocker basic Soundsessel. The chair has speakers in the back which provides a nice sound experience if not using headphones.
  • b: Blankets covering the reading chair. I have an aversion against artificial leather, yet I do not have the money necessary for real leather (at least not for chairs). It also allows for working Dilbert style, which is nice.
  • c: Bean bag — can easily be adapted to the right height for the legs/feet. Just grab part of the fabric and tie some cord around it.
  • d: Cotton blanket — very smooth and useful if the window is open (cold!).
  • e: Buff headwear — nice to keep one’s throat and neck protected from the cold.
  • f: MacBook Pro — Would not miss it for the world, well, perhaps part of the world.
  • g: Piece of wood as insulation between the MacBook Pro and my lap. Otherwise the MacBook Pro is either too cold or too hot. And regarding heat, there is this important issue (TED talk).
  • h: Paper box — only relevant here as a way to put down the wooden board and my MacBook Pro. Much easier than putting it on the floor.
  • i: Wifi USB adapter — unfortunately, my MacBook Pro does not have a working WiFi or USB connection (broke ages ago). Thus, I got a cheap USB wifi connection.
  • j: iPhone used as hotspot. As I do not have an installed internet connection at home, this way I can access the Internet and even write new postings (as I am doing right now). Speed is slow, but at home, I do not want to spend my time surfing the net anyway — it interferes with creating stuff.
  • k: Audio cable of the sound chair.
  • l: Mechanical pencil (and other pens) — Sometimes you just need to quickly sketch something and for this purpose, paper still rules. Paper notebooks are also lying in easy reach.
  • m: Something to drink — always good to keep something handy.

So far, this environment works really well. I like it a lot, much more comfortable than sitting at a desk. And let me tell you, it’s a strange feeling when the chair you are sitting on is playing music … especially when you turn up the bass, not strong enough for a massage, but it gives you ideas … 😉

So, that is my private writing environment — what is yours?

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