iOS Updates: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

“There can’t be many advantages to dying of a cocaine overdose at the height of your career, but look at it this way: at least John Belushi didn’t have to appear in Blues Brothers 2000.”
Tom Shone, “The London Times”

I think mobile media are a very emotional topic. There are few things that have that much power in such close everyday contact with a person. Mobile devices are with us every day, we miss them if they break and we return home if we have forgotten them. We use them every day. This gives mobile phone companies, manufacturers and service providers a lot of power — and a lot of opportunities to really piss off their users.

With phone companies trying to rip you off and software/hardware companies like Apple doing the same, you sometimes don’t know whom you should righteously hate. But at least with the latest iOS update the enemy is quite clear. There is currently enough online debate about the abysmal design of the newest iOS (iOS7), and, yup, I have also written a posting about it.

And the tragedy continues.

Apple did release not one but two follow-up updates within days of the release of their newest installment of their iOS. Seriously? It’s not like they are Microsoft dealing with lots and lots of different hardware configurations. They know their hardware, they have developed it themselves. How hard can it be to get it right the first time? And for the updates .. demanding a Wifi connection to download an update that is a mere 20 MB? What the … you don’t allow me to download it via my carrier, but suddenly it works if I use another phone connection that also provides me with a wifi hotspot? Sure, I had to switch Wifi off on the phone that provides the Hotspot first, then switch on “Hotspot” and ask the device to switch on Wifi as well, for it to work, but really? I can download it via the cellular connection of another phone as long as I have a Wifi connection to that phone? Even if that phone connects to the Internet via a cellphone connection? So we just take turns updating ours iOS’? What is this — I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? And since when has Apple turned into Omni Consumer Products?

Mep … Steve Jobs, you are missed, but at least you missed iOS7.

Rest in peace.