Books and their movies

Fudge was looking distinctly careworn. He was thinner, balder, and grayer, and his face had a crumpled look. The Prime Minister had seen that kind of look in politicians before, and it never boded well.
“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” by J.K. Rowling

Given the last rather negative postings, something completely different for the weekend. As bad as most movie adaptations of books are, there are pleasant surprises.

I wasn’t very pleased with the first two movie adaptations of Harry Potter — they felt rushed. The books were just too dense to make a movie out of them. But surprisingly, the later versions got increasingly better, at times even surpassing the books.

For example, in movie 6 there is this beautiful scene:

No matter how well-written the book is, there are scenes which just require the right actors with the right dry humor or accent to pull off a slightly changed scene.