What to do when Scrivener hangs during “Compile” – “Converting file format …” (error)

As a computer, I find your faith in technology amusing.

I’m currently writing a short booklet on … well, writing. After doing the outline with Circus Ponies Notebook I’m using Scrivener to write the text itself (find out why it is way, way better than Word in this posting).

Unfortunately, Scrivener started to hang during the “Compile” – “Converting file format …” when I wanted to check whether the references I added with Papers 2 did work. Given that there were some other problems (e.g., some templates had missing images in the dialog box) and a restart did not work, I downloaded the program again and reinstalled it.

So far, it seems to work well — and it serves as a nice reminder that:

  • working with digital media, no matter how fast and how far we can go beyond what our bodies came wit, is always prone to errors (i.e., make backups and keep the old backups to have a fallback if the data is not only lost but corrupted)
  • it’s always helpful to have the installation files handy, in case something happens to your installation.

And yes, the references with Papers 2 seem to work, but that is something for another posting.

Happy writing.

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