Restructured this blog a little

The self cannot be escaped, but it can be, with ingenuity and hard work, distracted.
Donald Barthelme

It was time for a little spring cleaning on this blog:

  • The postings now show only part of the text on and a “read more” button if they are above a certain length. This allows you to quickly scan the postings when you browse this blog (and give me more accurate information which postings are actually read).
  • I have created a new category system (see on the right side of this blog). The category widget shows you the postings with a preview on the content.
  • There are content overview pages available that show you only the title (and which are updated automatically :-)).
  • I have changed the image sizes so that they are not cut off by the new blog layout (might have missed some).

I hope it makes this blog easier to explore and more comfortable to read.

Have fun reading. 🙂