Transform any notepad into a sketching notepad

gluedSome sketching and painting notepads have the paper glued together on all four sides of the notepad. This makes sure that the paper stays in place when you sketch/paint. Given that I love the paper of Clairefontaine notepads and that they do not offer their pads as sketching/painting notepads, I tried to modify one of their normal spiral bound notepads this way.

I opened the cover and carefully applied glue (“Uhu(R) Kraft”) to the sides of the notepad. One side at a time and let it dry overnight. It worked perfectly — the paper got a little uneven, but only minimally. The liquid adhesive dried and did not become sticky anymore. In retrospect I should have left (part of) one side unglued to make it easier to remove a page.

But it’s a nice way to get a sketching/painting notepad with the paper you love.