Real Conspiracies

The web does this amazing thing. There’s an instant community. The isolated wacko can become part of this international movement.
Michael Bellesiles, Associate Professor of History

One thing which I do not understand is why some people waste so much of their effort and energy in … strange, non-falsifiable conspiracy “theories”: Aliens, 9/11, JFK, you name it.

The sad thing is, there are probably a lot of real conspiracies out there, but they are on a much lower level. The local politician who supports a change in media finance to the benefit of local media outlets and is inexplicably more often (and more positively) in the news, the friendly club of neighborhood businessmen who just can’t help to talk about prices when they meet, or the group of policemen who just cannot explain why that protester fell … repeatedly.

There are real crimes, real injustices that are done — yet, these people waste their often strikingly high creativity, their energy, their intellect, on bogus “theories” …

I don’t understand it — if they would really want to change the world, they would start small — with the local politicians, businessmen and police — those who are in power and who need constant checking to prevent corruption.

Having said this and having taken my place in the realm of conspiracy “theories” as an enemy of truth (it was probably a mistake to write “theories” in quotation marks here), I’ll better check my mail twice. 😉

But yeah, it’s a shame.