Liking Moleskine Notebooks

“Never impress people with style when you can impress them with substance.”
Modified version of Sam Brown’s quotation that uses “offend” instead of “impress”

While deciding whether to send my Moleskine iPod touch hack to Moleskinerie, I re-read some information about the company and its product. I still use the Moleskine as an iPod touch case (and it works very well) but I will not use a Moleskine for capturing ideas.

For this I still use a “cut-down Clairfontaine ex-DIN A5 notebook now DINA6 notepad”, because I like the paper much, much better and simply for capturing information, the paper should not be valueable. It should be something that you would have no problems with scribbling on and throwing the pages away by the dozen.

However, after reading a very … interesting blog entry on “Stuff White People Like” and some concerns about a carcinogenic substance in the cover (on Wikipedia, so it should also be treated with care), I might switch to something more unique and less heavily promoted. Perhaps a self-made book with white pages and a hardcover that I change into a leather cover … could be nice. I wonder whether I could make a real moleskin cover … hmmm 😉