One of the worst examples for negative creativity

Just stumbled upon the following TEDTalk by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: “Inside a school for suicide bombers”. It’s … hard to watch. Unfortunately, yeah, these techniques do work. Luckily not with everyone, but with the majority.

Sure, there are dozens of questions you could ask, like “If being a martyr is so great, why are you still alive?”. But I agree with her as she said:

“If you grew up in these circumstances, faced with these choices, would you choose to live in this world or in the glorious afterlife? As one Taliban recruiter told me, ‘There will always be sacrificial lambs in this war.'”

And I would guess they have answers (and “reprimands”) for these questions. It’s like a sales person without any conscience and with a completely free reign.

I wonder how it would be possible to stop these atrocities. There are some interesting comments on the site and I guess the answer would be superficially similar to the problem: Education. But an education that values individual life and self-determination.