What’s your Field? What’s your Community?

“Oh … that’s, um, interesting. So what do you do for real work?”
When a compliment goes from left-handed to lethal.
Non Sequitur Comic Strip by Wiley Mller, 2004/04/17

Creativity is the interplay between the individual, the domain, and the field. The individual does the work in the domain, and the field decides whether something is creative or not. I have written some paragraphs about the field and it’s power and influence, but in this blog entry I’m curious:

What is your field?

Or, to put it in a different way:

What is your creative community?

How did you decide that this field has to power to decide
whether your work is creative or not?

What do you get from them and what do they get from you?

Or don’t you need any other persons but yourself,
i.e., is your field comprised only of yourself?

I’m interested in your answers. You can write a comment in the field at the end of the posting (click on the title of the posting first).

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  1. I like your questions 🙂 I would see my field as science, to be more precise: (1) giftedness research, and (b) creativity research. Not only as a scientist, but also as sort of a self-taught journalist, as I feel the need to communicate what’s going on in science to a broader audience. Thus, they get (hopefully) well-written and entertaining information; I obtain interesting communications with people who are interested in the topic and also learn a great deal – I think it is a great exercise to communicate things in an understandable and simple (not simplistic) way and not to hide behind your own words: If you have indeed understood a topic, you ARE able to explain it in simple terms. I also get friendly feedback from time to time, which motivates me along with the learning effect.

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