Too Personal Projects

I like personal projects — following my instincts, creating something that I like without having to listen to outside influences. Very personal projects are created this way.

But the fact that they are often very personal also make them difficult … to share. A while ago I wrote a story and had it printed by a book on demand service. I wanted to have the story as a book and luckily, that’s easily possible. I also told someone I hardly know about it, and this person asked me for the book — she wanted to read it. I agreed at that time, but reading the story again as a printed book made me realize just how personal the story was. Much too personal for a person I hardly know. So, currently I’m torn between keeping my word (I had agreed to give her the book) and trusting my instincts (not giving out something so personal to someone I hardly know). Not a very nice position.

So, I think, that’s the downside of very personal projects. They might be very creative (field: you) but they are sometimes impossible to share.

And what’s the point of creative projects you cannot share?

So, how do you deal with too personal projects? Do you think they are worthwhile, even when you will be the only person who will enjoy them? And do you find it hard to keep them personal — or do you blabber out about them from time to time, like I did?