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Why do some people act as if making money offended their delicate minds? I am out for a legitimate profit, and not ashamed of it; the fact that people will pay money for my goods and services shows that my work is useful.
“Magic Inc.” by Robert A. Heinlein

The second edition of “Organizing Creativity” is already available on this website/blog.

Normally, giving something out for “free” and expecting a donation if it was found useful cannot work. However, I am not so sure about that.

I have written this book, especially the second edition, because I had to, because I think it is an important subject, and because I think it might help others (it would have helped me a few years ago). I appreciate feedback related to the content of the book via an eMail (danwessel@organizingcreativity.com).

I think making the book available without crippling it prior to payment is a valid way to help potential customers whether the item is helpful or not. And if you do not find it helpful, I respect that.

But if you do find it useful for you, I hope you do also want to give something back.

Method #1: Paypal

I have created a PayPal-link. Simply visit this PayPal Site: paypal.me/OrganizingCreativity and select what you want to give. It (likely) does not get easier than that.

Method #2: Get a commercial print book or eBook

I have created an eBook. You can simply buy it on Amazon or in other places (multiple times if you really like it).

Note that with ePub Books, the quality is different to the PDF version available here, because with an eBook reader and its variable font and display sizes, it is impossible to format it like a normal book. Instead the text floats according to the available space. As tables do not work (well), I have replaced them with bullet point list. It is readable (I think), but not beautiful. That’s what the PDF version is for.

So, I have not only created ePub versions available on Lulu and CreateSpace/Amazon, but also created an eBook PDF. If you have anything close to an iPad, use the PDF. The quality is great and in contrast to the version available here for “free” (donation ware), it’s not exported as spreads but as one page version (meaning your can easily read it in full color on an iPad or similar device).

PDF Version

(formatted like a normal book, looks beautiful)

Version Price What I get
PDF two-page spread “free” (donationware) readership
Lulu eBook PDF version (1 page version, high resolution, approx. 24 MB) 20.00€ 17.33€

ePub Version

(only use this version if you have a small display, it was made for readability, but not for aesthetics)

Version Price What I get
Lulu ePub version (approx. 9 MB, floating text) 10.00€($13.24) 8.33€
Kindle Edition (ePub, floating text) $9.99 varies

Print Versions

(note that colors prints are really expensive, while black and white version just does not look … nice)

Version Price What I get
Paperback color versionNote that the minimum price is $48.09 — color prints are very expensive! $58.00 $17.55 (CreateSpace)$5.95 (Amazon)
Paperback black & white version (Amazon Link— should work in a few days)Note that this is a black and white version! The preview is in color, but the print is greyscale (and the quality is not recommended). $20.00 $10.35 (CreateSpace)$6.35 (Amazon)

All in all, using the PayPal-Link is probably easiest. It’s the quickest way to give feedback.

All the best



  1. Hello Daniel,

    I’ve downloaded the PDF, it seems most interesting, I will look at it in depth and will decide which edition I prefer, then I will make the purchase (one way or the other).

    I appreciate that you have done this work and offering it to all of us to profit from your hard work. Very generous of you …!

    Thanks and you will hear from me soon,

    André Dumas
    Ottawa, Ontario

  2. Do you have a mailing list? I would like to receive updates on your blog postings, etc

    Thanks for all you offer, just downloaded your book…looks very impressive so far.

    Question…did you do all the image layout in scrivener as well or did you use a post- compiling program


  3. Hoi Suzanne,

    I though about doing a mailing list, but I’m already at the limit of what I can do in my spare time (and still have spare time). But you can get the RSS feed of this blog via http://www.organizingcreativity.com/feed/ — many eMail programs support RSS feeds.

    Thank you for the compliment regarding the book — I hope there’s something useful in it.

    Regarding the layout, this was done with InDesign — beautiful and very powerful program. Scrivener is for writing (and exporting drafts, inkl. in specific styles like APA for Journals) only.

    All the best


  4. Hi Daniel,

    just received your print version of your book in the mail. I must say, now seeing all your effort in one piece, I am amazed by what you created. Great work and even better content. Thanks!


  5. Hoi Felix,

    thank you for that positive feedback 🙂

    (and yup, it’s a different experience in print :-))

    Best regards


  6. Daniel,
    I downloaded “Organizing Creativity” a few weeks ago and have read the first half. Today I bought a copy. Thank you so much for putting your work out into the Universe (er, The Internet). First, I love your writing style, it is easy to skim through parts I “get” and focus on parts new to me. Your voice is matter of fact with occasion sprinkles of humor and I appreciate the level of detail; it inspires me to turn off my internal editor and collect everything–who knows what might be useful in the future! Second, as a psychotherapist, many of your topics (time management, value of feedback, procrastination, etc) will come in quite handy as I address these topics with my clients. Just think…your work is rippling out to others for their betterment is ways it was never originally intended. I wanted to pass that along; I think it is an awe-inspiring realization that speaks to the importance of putting yourself “out there.” We don’t often get a glimpse of how our efforts affect those beyond who is directly in front of us. Keep up the good work–your blog, your writing, your research. And especially, please keep sharing. 🙂

  7. Hello Julie,

    thank you very much 🙂 Comments like yours are one of the main reasons I love writing. 🙂


  8. What a great book !
    I have been downloading and searching so many ideas’s, tips and books…
    This is by far the best and most complete.
    buying a copy from here is a bit complicated, and honestly I can’t afford it right now..
    But I won’t forget, if I can I will buy one…
    and I will absolutely promote this by everybody who is searching for a good structured way of archiving or creating…
    thank you!


  9. Hoi Ingrid,

    thank you, although you can order a copy on Amazon (probably one of the easiest websites to order from), and there are 10€ versions. But anyway, promotion is also a way of saying “Thank you” that is very welcome. So, thank you 🙂

    All the best


  10. Daniel,

    I love your eBook and I’ll be recommending it to people in an upcoming webinar. I wish there were an easier way for people to donate directly– maybe PayPal? I prefer the PDF version anyhow– and that way Lulu doesn’t take a cut. If you added a PayPal donate button to this page, the Download PDF page, and/or the nav sidebar, I’d happily drop some money in the pot.


  11. Hoi Sasha,

    thank you for the feedback. While I think money is a very honest form of feedback, I’m not into this issue for the money. As strange as it might sound, but I learned a lot over the time and — in a sense — I am writing for my former self, wanting it to move past myself and improve. So I considered earning money (despite definitely *not* being rich) as optional. But if you want to give money, you could always simply give me an Amazon gift certificate. This is easy money to give (just visit Amazon and give me a gift certificate via my email). Or, if you want to do something for the “greater good”, how about donating to “Reporters without borders“. It’s an organization I like (at least in principle — reality usually get more complicated).

    But frankly, I’m more interested in which webinar you want to use my eBook. As an author, it’s knowing that your ideas are used that is really … valuable. 🙂

    Best regards


  12. Hi Daniel, your book is very interesting. I’m looking forward to put tons of ideas into my idea collection 🙂
    Are you still in need for Amazon gift certificates?
    Best regards,

  13. Hoi Michael,

    not really “in need”, but I’m happy to get feedback, including monetary. However, I’m already glad that the book might be useful for you (I wrote it as a hobby, not as a business ;-)).

    Best regards


  14. Hello Daniel,

    Your book is excellent and I have recommended it in the Farnam Street/Learning Community Forum. A few minutes ago I sent a payment via PayPal.

    Great thanks!

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