Obsidian – Easy Navigation Header

If it’s repeatable, it’s replaceable.

I’m currently working on a kind of thesis and use Obsidian to manage the information. One frequent task is switching between specific pages, i.e., the chapters of the thesis.

At first I used a manually created header (copy paste), but if I change something I have to change the header on each page. Sure, BBEdit can do Multi-File Search and Replace, but it is annoying and error prone.

Much easier is to create a new page, e.g., «Link Header», and define the header there once, followed by a block citation element (I did shorten the header in this posting):

[[PD0 Main Document|Main]] | ... | [[PD30 Archive|Archive]] ^ToC

The ^ToC is then used for citation on the pages where you want to use the header. It’s just an abbreviation I use that I can easily remember (ToC for Table of Contents). E.g.:

PD10b Scale Development
![[Link Header#^toc]]

Combined with the ! in front the header will be displayed in live preview or reading mode and without any other header line:

If you want to change the header, just open the page (simply use the link icon top right) and edit it. It is immediately changed on all pages.

Very practical.