Having no destination I am never lost.
Ikkyu, 1394-1481

For a conference-vacation in Hawaii (O’ahu), I tried out It’s a navigation app that allows you to download maps for offline use. These maps are surprisingly accurate. I went on a hike (Wa’ahila Trail to Mount Olympus) and the app led me along the path with perfect accuracy.

It also shows elevation, gives you routes (e.g., car, foot, bike), allows you to bookmark places, great search function and much more. Best of all, the free version allows you to download a limited but sufficient number of maps and limits the number of bookmarks, but much works as in the full version. (Personally I got the full version after Hawaii — given that the app was just super-useful for me. It seemed fair, even though I abhor subscription models. But yeah, for one year, pourqoui pas.)

Given that the app uses GPS and does not need to download maps (if you download them beforehand), the energy consumption is rather low.

Only thing I would like to have is a «fog of war» option. Something that puts a layer of semi-opacity on the map (enough to still see the map, but also clearly recognize covered areas). If this «fog» would clear when you are in the respective area, it would allow you to see where you have already been. Would be nice if you want to explore a city.

But yeah, highly recommended.

BTW, as for the Wa’ahila Trail to Mount Olympus — also a recommendation. But I also totally agree with the comments on

Great trail. It’s more slippery than muddy. Some good incline. I recommend hiking shoes. After about half way you get to ridges where a misstep might be your last step.
Justin Pearl, January 3, 2024 • Hiking

Dry for the first 2.5km. Then muddy. Great hike. Moderate/hard in my opinion due to the mud and rope assisted hiking
Craig Advice, January 3, 2024 • Mountain biking

Wow, what a great, muddy, techical hike. The views are breathtaking. Better wear great trail shoes, or you will be slipping and sliding all over the place. Pay attention to where you step, one false move, and you are over the edge. It’s a LONG way down.
Conditions: Muddy
Jason Fenn, November 25, 2023 • Hiking

Shit. What can I say. This hike fucked me up. 5/5. Extremely muddy and expect to scramble.
Conditions: Slippery, Great!
JK, November 25, 2023 • Hiking

So yeah, it was fun, but I agree — once or twice, I nearly fell down. And that would have been really bad. But yeah, great trail and nice views.

Hmmm, fun trail. 🙂