Heat Curtains

Stars are the source of life — planets are merely life’s containers. Chop off the star … and the planet gets colder … and colder … and colder — then still colder.
«Have Space Suit will Travel» by Robert A. Heinlein

Given Germany’s abysmal energy politics, I expect a rather cold winter. So I went looking for ways to improve insulation in my old and crappy apartment. I can’t do anything about the walls or the heating itself, but perhaps I can reduce heat loss via the windows.

There are curtains which should add to the insulation of an apartment, but I was wondering whether it’s possible to improve the insulation a bit more. Given that emergency/rescue blankets are made to reduce heat loss of a person, I was wondering whether they can’t be used with curtains as well.

And yeah, likely it will do … nothing. And I still don’t know how long a single-use emergency blanket survives inside a curtain. It’s crushed twice every day when moving the curtain. Perhaps one day I have a lot of tiny fragments on the floor. Not sure. But perhaps it reduces heat loss a bit.

Worst comes to worst, I can simply take the curtain and use the whole thing as one large emergency blanket. For a while, that is. After all, it does not generate heat. So if we really have a blackout without a working gas supply, the curtain will do nothing once the heat is gone.

On the unplanned plus side, the curtain is now … very light-proof. And sleeping in the dark … wouldn’t want to miss that.