Chevrons on the Mac

Drive German
Wear Italian
Drink Scotch
Kiss French

When it comes to quotation marks, I strongly prefer the french chevrons (Guillemets, but without the empty spaces, so I guess it would be Swiss chevrons?). Anyway, I have change the Mac settings to chose them (System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > «Use smart quotes and dashes», then select them «for Double Quotes» and the simpler ones «for Single Quotes».

It works in Keynote and Scrivener (they get replaced in an instant), however, they did not seem to work in Microsoft Word. Luckily, there are keyboard shortcuts.

Option + q for «
Option + Shift + q for »

Take care that you do not accidentally press Command, otherwise you close the App.

Not ideal, but hey, better than copy-pasting the «» from a text file 😉