A few interesting podcast episodes

The simple fact that you were fooled and conned doesn’t make you an idiot. What would make you an idiot is when you blatantly refuse to look at the truth and make the conscious decision to believe the lies.
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I don’t claim to be neutral on the whole «Covid thing». I mean, really, we have a pandemic for which you need publicly mandatorily worn masks as a reminder, and a so-called vaccine that does protect neither against infection nor transmission.

Yeah, that’s one shitty vaccine.

And we have people who adhere to … mandates, as if they were the word of GOD. Yikes, I expect more, especially at a university.

But still, reality is complex, and there are many things to consider. And the following podcast/vidcasts episodes are well-worth watching.

Dark Hose Podcast: Dr. Julie Ponesse

Supply and Demandate: Bret Speaks with Dr. Julie Ponesse

Epoch Times: Maajid Nawaz

Oh, fuck it, it’s actually quite hard to link to that two-part episode. Just search for it on Apple Podcast. And yeah, of course Epoch Times does have an agenda. News flash, everyone has. But it’s well worth listening to.

For example, the first part here, or the second part here.

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