Headset Rest using a Coat Hook

Little things console us because little things afflict us.
Blaise Pascal

Giving the amount of videoconferences, a headset was a must. For a while, I just hung it on a nail I hammered into the plate of my desk. But when mounting the plate onto a new table frame, I added a more … professional and nicer way to hang the headset: A coat hook.

Sure, it’s normally made for clothes, but it comes with a screw (to sink it into a wall or wooden board), so it wasn’t hard to drill a hole into the desk plate and screw it in. Given it’s in the corner near the wall, the chances of me accidentally «hanging» myself are rather slim.

Also, the velcro (normally for cables under the desk, stuck to the desk plate next to the clothes hook) works well to hold the headset cable that is not needed.

Just a few euros that make life a bit easier.