Home Office Advantages

«This is my home, Azazel; my place of power. This is the Heart of the Dreaming. Reality here conforms to my wishes; it is what I wish it to be — no more, no less.»
Dream, in Sandman: «Season of Mists», by Neil Gaiman

So, given the … «strange» (sorry, that’s all I have) Covid regulations, I’m currently working from my so-called home office. Which is a desk in my crappy apartment — which I hate, hate, hate.

I did not have that much time to find an apartment (less than half a month) and I can live with living it in (as I am spending most of my time at work). Only, I do not spend most of my time at work anymore.

So, that crappy apartment … really makes itself known.

But there are some positive aspects (without going for a disembodied Stockholm syndrome).

  • I have a reason to invest some effort in some home infrastructure.
  • I can work in an environment with art on the wall that I actually like (snowball’s chance in hell it would be allowed in that … rather … well, never mind, environment at work).
  • It might provide me with an environment that increases efficiency beyond work.

And yeah, the last point, only if I actually use that opportunity.

So, yeah, home office sucks, but perhaps there are some synergy effects to be used.

Just a thought.


P.S.: And yeah, that thumbnail is Rubins’ «The Fall of the Damned» — beautiful image.